About us


The Anglo-Austrian Society actively promotes social and cultural exchange and dialogue between the United Kingdom and Austria.

Our aim is to strengthen Austro-British relations in all aspects of public and cultural life.

We are an independent registered charity formed of people from all backgrounds.

The Society enjoys the active support of the governments of both Austria and the United Kingdom.

The Anglo-Austrian Society was originally founded in September 1944 in London.

about us

Our goals

In accordance with our constitution, our goals are:

  • to contribute to wider knowledge of all aspects of Austrian and British culture, arts and lifestyle,
  • to initiate and promote debate on current economic, political and cultural issues,
  • to break down prevalent stereotypes and foster interpersonal and inter-organisational contacts between the two countries.

To achieve these aims we are fostering the ties between Austria and Britain through interpersonal and inter-organisational contacts, our website and quarterly newsletter.


The Anglo-Austrian Society started as a political society and later expanded into an organisation active in many fields, promoting and maintaining friendly relations between the peoples of Britain and Austria.

From its foundation on July 12, 1944 until April 9, 1946 it was named the Anglo-Austrian Democratic Society.

Its purpose was to interest the British public in the fate of Austria at the end of the war, to assist in the restoration of Austrian independence and democracy and to help in preventing Austria from falling into the Russian sphere of influence in Europe.

That these aims could be achieved was at that time by no means certain.

The starting-point for these political activities was the Moscow Declaration issued by the three major allied powers (Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union) on November 1, 1943.

In this statement the allied powers for the first time clearly announced their intention that Austria should be restored as an independent country.

Board and Trustees

Directors are elected to the Board and serve for three years, They may stand for re-election.

Trustees of The Anglo-Austrian Society

The following were elected to serve as trustees for the year 2023/24:

Dame Janet Ritterman DBE (Chair)
Headley Beeson (Treasurer)
Brigitte Kreuger
Patricia Langley
Helen Ramsden
Dr Felicitas Starr-Egger
Dr Michael Worton
Robert Hopkins

Details of the Trustees and their interests can be found at Companies House and the Charity Commission.